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Let's practice conversation, not just grammar. If you wish to practice English conversation, why not talk to native speakers?


We have developed an English conversation system which is very effective and inexpensive with rapid results. It's called ChatChan.


You will be challenged by ChatChan's native speakers to improve your English conversation. Using the Internet and free webcam calls via Skype our English teachers provide a fun environment for practicing English conversation.


One-time practice for 30 minutes is only US $20 (2,000 yen).
If you book 10 times in advance for your session, the fee will be reduce to US $18 (1,700 yen).

Please download Skype to access international ChatChan teachers.


The Evolution of Practicing English Conversation is ChatChan!

1Skype internet access is free of charge.
International calls via internet and Skype are free.

2Enjoy a personal English conversation lesson, one on one.
Practice English conversation in the privacy of your home one on, or with a friend or family.

3Improve your English conversation with ChatChan. You don't need text books.
You don't need to travel to a school.
Compared with other internet schools, ChatChan is only 2,000 yen for 30 minutes.
You can enjoy practice talking as well as listening from a native speaker.
ChatChan teachers are part-time real people so you receive real, practical English conversation.

4Through your computer monitor screen you can also catch your teacher's facial expression.
Through Skype's monitor you can catch facial expressions and visually sample materials, pictures, objects. You can learn English privately in your home one on one.

5Anytime, even at midnight, you can learn English on your home computer because ChatChan teachers are located throughout the world in different time zone. Because of the difference in time zones, it is especially good to schedule lessons with American teachers during evening hours.

6Lessons can be scheduled on short notice, and you can set up repeat lessons with your favorite teachers.
30 minutes is the optimal concentration time for a lesson, then the brain becomes tired. You can decide to schedule lessons once a month, twice a week, or more according to your own schedule and budget. You can decide.

7The ChatChan program focuses on conversation with native English speakers ChatChan's method of learning doesn't use text books, therefore ChatChan is not intended for passing university exams, just practicing English conversation.

The important point of Chatchan is to practice English conversation , to immerse yourself in it.


1. Internet phone call is free of charge

2. You can learn English conversation at your home in private, one on one

3. Since ChatChan teachers are part-time teachers, not academic professionals, you can get real, practical English

4. Through your computer monitor using Skype you can view teachers facial expressions and visual materials teachers present

5. ChatChan doesn’t use text books so no additional textbook fees

6. You can learn English conversation through ChatChan using your personal computer in the comfort of your home

7. ChatChan allows you to schedule your lessons at your own pace, once a month, daily, etc.

8. Through ChatChan you can make friends throughout the world

Through ChatChan you can learn English conversation naturally