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How to Chat

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Chatting should be a pleasant experience for both you and your teacher.

Your teacher has been trained to speak slowly and clearly. However, if you are having trouble understanding, or if you have any questions, please tell your teacher. They will be very patient and gentle in helping you to understand more clearly. All of our talented Chat-chan teachers sincerely want to help you learn to speak real conversational English, in an enjoyable way. As you continue to chat with your teacher over a period of time it is possible to build a friendly relationship, and to learn many things about each other's culture and customs.

Each chatting session is for 30 minutes. However, the first session may require a few extra minutes. This will allow time to make sure the camera and sound systems are working correctly for both you and your teacher.

Please enjoy your conversation. We feel sure you will look forward to your next visit with your teacher.

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