About ICO


ICO is an international group of creative people in contact on a voluntary basis.
Acting as a mediator between art and commerce, and dealing with such companies as Sony, Toshiba, Hitachi, Toyota and numerous others, ICO's network has facilitated business transactions, formed friendships, and cemented cooperative relationships between members from 50 countries over the past forty years.

ICO's international activities have diminished during the past decade with the retirement of many ICO bureau owners.
However, warm relationships are still maintained between ICO bureaus because of the strong bonds established over the years.

We see ChatChan as a new way to make long lasting friends in many countries who you will cherish for life.

The ICO network enables us to better serve artists and clients by helping to keep creative people in touch around the world.

ICO from traditional Print to Multimedia

ICO has been in the creative and publishing Industries for many years, branching out along with various ground-breaking endeavors on an international scale.

Since the foundation, ICO has focused on the global promotion of creators, becoming a source of information exchange between artists and clientèle through it's publications, art exhibits, newsletters and other business activities. It is only natural that this philosophy progress into the biggest creative media available today. That media is ICO's on-line reference and directory.

ICO's history of Publication activities include:

"International Photography Exposed" (IPE)
"West Meets East" and "Diagraphics" series for graphic designers
"Universiart" for promoting great art of Students worldwide
The "noAH" series for package designers and many more.....

With the solid base of successful publications behind us, we are now riding the new wave of the Internet, creating a world where clientele have 24 hour access to limitless international portfolios.

Our ICO companions 1962 - 2001

Carlos Varau

Jorge Vidal